My full Nexgard Review and Experiences

Not too long ago, I heard about this newer flea and tick medication called Nexgard for dogs. I decided to give it a try with my dog to see how it performed.

I figured I would write a review of Nexgard to let people know about my experience with the newer pet medication!

So what exactly is Nexgard?

hand feeding nexgard to dogNexgard is a newer flea and tick dog medication from Merial; the makers of the extremely popular Frontline Plus medication.

The product differs quite a bit, since it comes as a beef-flavored "chew" that is taken orally, where-as frontline is applied topically.

Each chew is designed to offer 30 days of protection, and is sold as a 3-pack, 6-pack, or 12-pack.

How effective is it?

Well, so far so good! My beagle has been taking it for quite a while now, and so far I've been impressed (more so than I ever was with their more well-known product).

Since he started taking it, I haven't noticed any fleas or ticks on him. In the past, when taking other products, I would occasionally find a flea or tick. One time, back in the day when he was on frontline, I found 2 ticks on him within a 2-month period (to be fair, they weren't latched on)…but it was enough for me to move him over to another product!

Besides working well, I am also thrilled that it's in a "chewy" form! My d seems to like the flavor; he generally doesn't chew, but just swallows it whole (kind of like his food…)…lol.

It's also nice that it's not topical, because topicals for dogs can sometimes get messy and be a pain to administer. Using a Chew is nice and easy!

Downsides and Conclusion

There is one downside…Nexgard is not cheap. That being said, most of the products on the market these days are expensive.

I was actually able to get around this particular problem by searching around for a good place to buy nexgard for a decent price….and I found a good one! You don't even need a nexgard coupon to get big savings, which is awesome.

If you want to give nexgard a try, but want to save some money, definitely check out my review of where I purchase from. Here's a link: Merial Nexgard for Dogs