We'll help lower your Nexgard costs!Buy Flea and Tick Nexgard Chewables Cheap​ – $61.95 for a 6 month supply – Check out my review…

Good looking dog contemplating lifeFor anyone who doesn't know, Merial Nexgard for dogs is a relatively new flea and tick medication that was released on the market very recently. Unlike the majority of similar flea prevention drugs, Nexgard chewables are (obviously) not applied to the neck in liquid form, but are given orally. This is awesome because it means less fuss, and less mess!

This drug is similar to Comfortis, in that it prevents fleas and is edible…BUT it has different ingredients and most importantly, helps prevent ticks as well.

Now I know you probably already know all of that, and are at this website for one reason only…to save some money!

I can definitely help with that. If you're like me, you've probably seen that this popular flea and tick medication is definitely not cheap…at the vet, and at most etailers, it costs over $100 for a 6-month supply…crazy!!

Needless to say, I was less than thrilled about the prospect of shelling out that kind of money….but I love my dog very much, and want to make sure he gets well taken care of. So I did what I always do in situations like this…I started shopping around for a better price!

I'm always very appreciative of other online shoppers who spend the time to talk about their online purchasing experiences, and help show others where they can save money….So I wanted to take the time to talk about my experience buying Merial Nexgard and hopefully help others save some money.

My full review will follow below, but if you're in a hurry to just get to saving some money, you can just click the link over to the right (or at the bottom) and it will take you straight to the Nexgard page at Paradise Petstore (that's who I purchase from)!

Photo of my beagle taking a napSo where to buy Nexgard chewables at the best price?

It took quite a bit of digging, but I finally found an online store that has great prices (as mentioned above, they have Nexgard online for dogs starting at $61.50 for a 6 month supply….other places charge that much for a 3 month supply), plus I've found their prices to be great for other products as well.

The customer service is solid, and they even offer very cheap shipping on purchases (I think it's just $2.99 worldwide….I can't remember now, and I'm too lazy to double check right now).

I've been buying pet products from Paradise Petstore for about a year now, and plan to do so for the foreseeable future.

So how was my experience purchasing from them?

Well, since I've been a customer for around a year now, the answer is obviously "good".  🙂

The first time I shopped there, I heavily scrutinized everything about them (I always to this when shopping somewhere new, and I'm sure most others do as well.)

They offer genuine products, though you might be a little thrown off by the box, because it will usually show dog weights in "kg" instead of "lbs". This is because they get their products from suppliers in the UK and Australia, which use a different weight system compared to the US. But I've been assured the actual product is the same.

Their website layout was good, and I liked the fact that they are easy to get in touch with. I found their policies, such as shipping, privacy and money back were easily found, and are solid. All products have a money-back guarantee as long as they are unopened.

The shipping policy is very clear, and states that most orders are delivered within 8-14 business days (which I think is awesome; considering how much money I save). Most of my orders have arrived within 10 business days, with no problems whatsoever. My package has always arrived via USPS, which is fine with me.


Picture of the Nexgard I bought onlineConclusion

I am very happy with my new vendor of choice when purchasing medications for my dog online. As stated above, I plan on continuing to buy my beagle's medications from Paradise Petstore for the foreseeable future…just can't beat the good prices and free shipping!

Moving on to the actual drug….

Nexgard for dogs is a good (albeit expensive) flea and tick treatment. Would I be willing to pay the $120+ that my local vet charges for it? I don't know about all that…

But I am definitely willing to purchase at the lower price point. Merial Nexgard chewables are easy to administer, and so far seem to be working as promised!


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Take a look at this Nexgard commercial (not as good as others I've seen, but at least they have one) 🙂