Product Pricing - Small Dog1800PetMeds Price
Nexgard - 6 month supply$109.99$57.99
Bravecto - 3 month supply$54.48$32.99
Frontline Plus - 6 month supply$31.49$26.99
Heartgard - 6 month supply$63.99$43.99

A coupon for 1800petmeds is the best option…right? Right??

cat playing with a coupon

A lot of people think that the best way to save money at is by using a 1800petmeds coupon.

Well I’m here to tell you: Stop what you’re doing right now!

If you are looking to save some serious money on your flea, tick or heartworm medication….using a coupon for 1800petmeds is not the best way to go about it.

Please don’t get me wrong! I 100% applaud that you have taken the time to search around the internet for a way to save money on your purchase. That means that you are a SMART shopper; Good for you!!

Not to brag….but I kind of see myself as a “smart shopper” as well, and I make it a point to save money wherever I can, whenever I can. That’s just being intelligent! (besides, I was raised that way by my mom. 😉)

You see, not that long ago, I too was on the hunt for the best place to purchase flea and heartworm products for my beagle (see the picture below) at a better price.

In this instance, I was looking for a good price on Nexgard and Heartgard (though the particular products aren’t important for the purpose of this article – it applies to pretty much any flea, tick or heartworm product).

I was tired of the ridiculous prices that the vet was charging. You know what I’m talking about right? (ex – $120 for a 6-month supply of Nexgard!?!? PFFFF….)

Naturally, the first place I thought to look was online. The first places I found were the normal stores such as 1800petmeds, Petsmart, Chewy, etc.

While I was encouraged to see that their pricing was a little better than my local vet, I still wasn’t blown away by the price difference, even when I used a coupon or discount code.

To stay with our same example from above (Nexgard), the average price at those stores for a 6 month supply is roughly $107+…..maybe a little bit less if you can score a “$5 off and free shipping” coupon or discount. Either way, not that great.

I figured there just HAD to be a better option, so I kept on searching.

It took a long while, but I FINALLY came across a store with potential –

Their prices pretty much blow away their bigger competitors. Pricing on a 6-month supply of that same Nexgard? $58 dollars.

Yep! You read that correctly.

Too good to be true? Would I just be better off using a coupon for 1800petmeds?

1800petmeds does not offer the best deal...even with a coupon!

So naturally my first thought was, “why?”

Why would they be selling this product for so much cheaper?

I thought it was a good question, so I emailed them to ask it! And what they responded with really opened my eyes to how things work for us Americans.

The Paradise Petstore is not US-based and they carry the European version of the flea, tick and heartworm medications that they carry.

Ok great – I’m following you so far…but still, why the price difference?

Answer: Companies know that they can charge more for products like this in the US than they can in other countries, and people will still pay, because we’re so used to how expensive “medical”-related items are.

They know that if they tried to charge that same price in other countries, nobody would buy the product, hence they must charge a lot less if they want to sell in those markets.

Once I realized this it all made sense. I’ve seen it before with other products as well. Example: Video game companies sell brand new titles for less money in other countries. In the US, a new PC game may cost $60 USD, but they may sell it for $20-$30 in places like Mexico, Russia, India, etc.

So I decided to give them a shot.

How did it go?

Man, I just couldn’t be happier. I definitely made the right decision in giving them a shot!

Yes, there is a slight downside of having to wait a bit longer to receive your order (when I order it usually arrives in 10-12 days). But that is nothing, but a minor inconvenience compared to the money I save!

You just must remember to order a little bit earlier, is all. (Just set a reminder on your smartphone. )😉

A 1800petmed coupon really isn’t the best way to save money.

It goes to show ya, sometimes it’s worth putting a little extra time in. In this case, I spent some extra time digging around the internet to see if I could save more money by shopping around, and it paid off big-time.

And the best part for you, is I’ve already done the work and found a great place to save you some money on your flea, tick and heartworm purchases! You can just ride my coattails on this one; you’re welcome! 😉

In this case, even having a good coupon for 1800petmeds can’t beat good old-fashioned “better pricing”!