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Super happy dogIf you’ve reached this page, then you are no doubt looking for information on Nexgard for dogs! I’m also guessing that the info you are searching for falls under one of two different categories:

1. Where you can buy Nexgard at the best price


2. General information about the actual product

Well I’ve got good news; I can help you either way! In fact, if you are in a hurry and just looking for a good place to purchase Nexgard at a great price, you can actually just click the picture right below (or over to the right) to go there now. But I have also written a full review of the place I purchase from that you are welcome to read as well. You can read that review Here.

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Now, if you are looking for general info about Nexgard, then feel free to continue reading below!

What is Nexgard for Dogs?

Nexgard is a newer (relatively speaking) medication, used to prevent fleas and ticks on dogs for up to 30 days.

Who Manufactures the Product?

It is manufactured by Merial, a trusted name in the flea and tick removal business. They are the same manufacturer of the popular Frontline Plus series (which I’m sure you’ve heard of).

Boxer dog holding tennis ballsMain Active Ingredient

Nexgard contains the active ingredient Afoxolaner which is an insecticide. It is known to kill various types of fleas and ticks including: the Brown dog tick, the American dog tick, the Lone star tick and the Black legged tick.

The formula has been shown to be safe for puppies that are older than 8 weeks and weigh more than 4 pounds. It is so powerful that it has been shown to kill all fleas and ticks within a twenty-four period. This leaves your dog being clear of fleas and ticks within a short amount of time.

What Form Does Nexgard Come In?

The Nexgard product comes in the form of a chewable tablet, which is taken orally. Most dogs like the flavor and will eat it readily (it is meat-flavored, after all!).

And because Nexgard is in a chewable form, its’ effect is not diminished by your dog getting into the water for a bath or for swimming.

How Does it Work?

As mentioned above, Nexgard is an insecticide; it works to over-stimulate the flea and ticks’ nervous system which kills them and allows the bodies to rise to the surface of your dog’s hair or coat. You will initially see more fleas and ticks as they are surfacing, but they will eventually die from being over-stimulated.

How Often Can it be Used And At What Dosage?

It can be administered once monthly for removal of fleas and ticks for up to 2 years.

Here is the dosage chart for the product:

Dog Weight

Colored box to use and Dosage

4 – 10 lbs

Orange box (11.3 mg afoxolaner per tablet)

10.1 – 24 lbs

Blue box (28.3 mg afoxolaner per tablet)

24.1 – 60 lbs

Purple box (68 mg afoxolaner per tablet)

60.1 – 121 lbs

Red box (136 mg afoxolaner per tablet)

Over 121 lbs

Talk to your Veterinarian.



The chart above ensures that your dog is taking the recommended dosage of 1 tablet per month. It is not recommended by experts to administer more than 1 time within a thirty day period.

Other Medication Considerations

If your pet is taking other medications, ALWAYS be sure to talk to your vet about mixing Nexgard with other said medications. It is up to the vet to decide if it is a safe combination.

Nexgard is generally able to be used with most other medications, including many antibiotics vaccines, etc…but again, consult your veterinarian!

What Animals Can Use Nexgard?

To the best that has been determined, it can be used on any breed of dog, no matter how small or large. But while Nexgard works great for dogs, it cannot be used on any other type of animal, including cats. I repeat: do not give Nexgard to your cat! 🙂

And this should go without saying…but well, we all know how smart some people can be, so here it is:

Nexgard is not for use in humans. Just don’t do it man!

Also, be sure to keep it out of the reach of children. If you child does ingestion, definitely contact a physician immediately.


Potential Side Effects

Though the vast majority of pets that are treated with Nexgard develop absolutely no side effects, in rare situations side effects have been reported. (as is the case with most medications, in both animals and humans!)

While Nexgard for Dogs is considered safe if given as prescribed, there are certain side effects that you may need to watch for, that include: itching, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite and possible seizures. You should be particularly careful if your dog has a history of seizures and ask your veterinarian if the product would be a good choice to use.

Other Precautions to Consider

As with any product, make sure and meet with your licensed veterinarian to ensure that this product is safe for your dog. As mentioned above, keep in mind that puppies that are newly born and not 8 weeks old would not be recommended for this product. Also, if your puppy or dog weighs less than 4 pounds, then this product is not recommended.

In addiction, it has not been fully evaluated if Nexgard is safe to use for dogs that are pregnant, breeding, or nursing, so I would not recommend using it for your pet if any of these situations applies.

Best Way to Save Money

Well, this is a simple question with a simple answer! As with buying most things in this world, the best way to do it is to shop around for the best prices. (Fortunately we already did that!) You might be surprised to find out that the best way to purchase isn’t even with a coupon for Nexgard. Also, just as a heads up; this isn’t a product you will find at Walmart or on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

I think Nexgard chewables are a fantastic product. It provides protection against fleas and ticks in a convenient form, so you don’t have to deal with those messy topical solutions that can get all over the place and take forever to dry on your dog’s skin. Plus you don’t have to worry about diluting the effectiveness when it’s bath time!

When actively on the product, your dog will be free of scratching and itching, as his flea and tick problems go away. It’s nice to be able to let them run about and play without worrying about those pesky fleas and ticks getting on them.

 Well, thanks for reading through the webpage! I hope you find this information to be useful. And as I mentioned above, if you are currently shopping for Nexgard for dogs, definitely check out where I mentioned towards the beginning of the page. I’ve been shopping there for a while now, and have saved a lot of money. Buying Nexgard at the vet is expensive!

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